Meals FAQ

How much do meals cost?

The suggested donation is $5.25 per meal. 

If you receive Medical Assistance, your meals may be covered through a waivered program. Programs that fund our services are the Elderly Waiver, Brain Injury Waiver, and Alternative Care Plan. Ask your caseworker to see if you qualify. 

If you are sixty years of age or older, we offer meals at the sliding scale below:
2 Person Monthly Income 1 Person Monthly Income* Suggested Contribution
$2,059 – 2,741 $1,519 – 2,023 $4.00
$1,373 – 2,058 $1,013 – 1,518 $3.50
Up to $1,372 Up to $1,012 $3.00

*A single or multiple person, non-spousal household

Statements come out within the first week of the month for the previous month’s meals. If you are struggling to afford meals, please contact us.

How does one qualify for free or reduced price meals?

An EMOW staff member will visit you at home to fill out a NAPIS form. These questionnaires collect information about your income, health, and nutrition. This helps us determine folks who are at the highest risk and who need the most financial support.

Where do the meals come from?

We are catered through the Kitchen of Opportunities.


Do I have to have meals every day?

Choose a schedule that works for you. Eastside Meals on Wheels sends out meals Monday through Friday around the lunch hour. We can provide any amount of meals up to seven per week. 

People who choose to receive all seven meals a week often take a hot meal Monday through Friday along with a frozen meal on Thursday and Friday to eat over the weekend. Others receive frozen meals for the entire week on one day. Some only take one meal a week. You can call in and modify your schedule at any time.  

What if I don’t want to continue?

Call Eastside Meals on Wheels and we can stop your meals right away. We can also plan out in advance for a schedule change, if you prefer.