About The Meals

What is a meal like?

A typical meal includes meat, vegetables, dessert and milk. It provides a calorie range of 700 to 800 calories or more because lunch is the main meal for most seniors. Each meal meets ⅓ of the dietary requirements of adults sixty years of age or older. There is no restriction based on religion, race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or income.

Meals, clockwise from top left:
Cheese Ravioli & Marinara, Chicken, Potato Latkes & Country Blend Vegetables, Peppered Fish, Carrots & Thick Cut Fries, Lemon Bar & Raspberries

Are there menu choices?

A Licensed Dietitian designs a monthly menu targeting nutrients commonly deficient in the diets of older adults. If there is something you don’t like or can’t eat on the schedule, we will send you something as close as possible to what is listed on the menu while still accommodating your dietary restrictions and preferences.

How will my dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Special diets we offer include: diabetic, gluten free, halal, lactose free, no added salt, and renal. We also accommodate food allergies and religious food restrictions. For example, some folks choose not to eat pork and others choose to receive fish every Friday.