We succeed because of your generous donations

The Older Americans Act Nutrition Program (OAA) helps us subsidize our meals for clients that don’t receive Medicaid, but it doesn’t fully cover the total cost of a meal. Even before the pandemic, our clients on small fixed incomes struggled to contribute the full amount of their meal costs. If a client is older than 60 and struggles to shop or cook for themselves, we continue to serve them even if they can not afford to contribute. Your donation helps us make up this difference.

Nutrition is so important for older adults – it’s the key predictor of both frailty and sarcopenia (muscle loss). The gift of a healthy meal could even prevent a future injury or fall.

Your donation is needed now more than ever.

Unprecedented program growth has created a shortage of OAA Nutrition Program funds for Eastside Meals on Wheels. While there is bipartisan support for increased funding, legislators have been unable to agree on a budget, tabling any adjustment


You can learn more about pandemic related funding hurdles here.

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Donation FAQs

How do I know my donation is secure?

Eastside Meals on Wheels takes your security and confidentiality seriously. Your personal information is never shared; we do not sell, share, or trade information.

Eastside Meals on Wheels collects the following information from people who donate, either online or through mail, along with people who sign up to volunteer with our organization: name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and the amount and dates of donations. We also receive information from a third-party mailing company. We use this information to send our annual appeal letter. This information is never shared; we do not sell, share, or trade information. Upon request by email to or by phone call to (612) 277-2529 we will add you to our do not contact list.

Can I see the financial reports of your organization?

Yes! At Eastside Meals on Wheels we strongly believe in sharing important information with our clients, donors, and volunteers. You can view our annual reports at the Official Website of the Attorney General, and you can view copies of our 990’s hosted on the IRS’ website.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Eastside Meals on Wheels is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, so your donation is 100% tax deductible. Our tax ID is 41-1228367.

How can I find out if my employer matches donations?

Even if you’re not aware of a matching donation policy, check with your human resources or payroll department to see if a program exists. Some companies have matching gift policies that aren’t broadly advertised.

Taking advantage of a workplace giving program is a great way to multiply the impact of your donation. Many employers provide matching gifts, so it pays to check with your company to see if they’ll match your contribution.