How can I get a meal delivered?

Contact Eastside Meals on Wheels at 612-277-2529 or via email at

Who delivers the meals?

Meals are delivered by volunteers from supporting churches, businesses, civic organizations, and other caring individuals in the neighborhood.

Am I in your delivery area?

Eastside Meals on Wheels serves area codes 55413, 55414,  and 55418, defining its boundaries as:

North: 37th Avenue NE
Northeast: Old Highway 8/Highway 88/Highway 280
South:  Mississippi River Boulevard
Southeast: 29th Avenue SE
West: Mississippi River

What are meals like?

Our menu is created by a licensed dietitian, designed according to The Minnesota Board on Aging’s state standards for adults aged 70 years or older. Each meal includes a minimum of 1/3 the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) and Adequate Intake (AI) for vitamins and elements. The calorie range is 700 to 800 or more since lunch is the main meal of the day for most seniors. The fat content fulfills approximately 30% to 35% of suggested daily calories. Diabetic, low salt, renal, mechanical soft, or other special diets are available at no extra charge. Each meal includes an entree; a starch: potato, rice, noodles, bread or roll with butter; a vegetable; milk or juice; and a dessert.

MMOW Food-006Stuffed Shells & Red Sauce

Lemon BarRed Pepper Fish





(Meals, clockwise from top left: Cheese Ravioli & Marinara, Chicken, Potato Latkes & Country Blend Vegetables, Peppered Fish, Carrots & Thick Cut Fries, Lemon Bar & Raspberries)

What time of day are the meals delivered?

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. If you are not home when your meal arrives, it will be returned to the office unless previous arrangements have been made.

Do you realize that we can provide meals for Saturday and Sunday too?  We will deliver extra meals at the end of the week for you to place in your refrigerator and you can heat the meals in your oven on Saturday and Sunday at your convenience.  Or did you know that we can deliver an entire week’s supply of frozen meals on one day each week?

If you are authorized for meals by a provider please check with your social worker to see if you can have extra meals authorized for the weekends or have all your meals delivered one time a week!

If you pay for your meals directly you can order the meals to be delivered once a week or order extra meals for the weekend by simply calling our offices.  We can adjust your schedule and start sending a week’s supply or weekend meals to you within a few days!  Please call us today at 612-277-2529 to find out more about this convenient service.

How and when do I pay for the meals?

At the end of each month we will have a total number of how many meals you received. We will then print your statement and send it to you at the beginning of the next month. You may send your payment to us with one of the volunteer drivers or mail it to our office.

How much do the meals cost?

The suggested donation is $5.25 per meal. Actual cost to generate a meal is over $7.00. Donation adjustments are made periodically to cover expenses. If you qualify, Medical assistance may cover the cost through an Alternative Care, Brain Injury, or Elderly Waiver program. The following links provide information about these programs.

How can I find out if you are closed during bad weather?

Please check with WCCO or Kare 11 during adverse weather conditions.